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Theo từ khóa Simon and Schuster

Tổng hợp sách của Simon and Schuster

Tháng Tư, 2017

  • 24 Tháng Tư

    Jungle Animals

    Jungle Animals - The Tiny Touch board books series teaches concepts to little ones in a stimulating and interactive manner!

  • 22 Tháng Tư

    In A Dark, Dark Wood

    In A Dark, Dark Wood - Author of the woman in cabin 10

  • 22 Tháng Tư

    Katerina’s Wish

    Katerina's Wish - An immigrant girl discovers that hard work and determination can make dreams come true in this "top-notch" (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) debut that is "a rich story threaded with…a vibrant setting and cast"

  • 20 Tháng Tư


    Desperation - Stephen King’s #1 national bestseller about a little mining town, Desperation, that many will enter on their way to somewhere else. But getting out is not easy as it would seem…

  • 17 Tháng Tư

    Industries Of The Future

    Industries Of The Future

  • 17 Tháng Tư

    The Red: Going Dark #3

    The Red: Going Dark #3 - In the third book in The Red Trilogy, former Army Lt. James Shelley becomes a black ops sniper working for the Red-a suspected rogue artificial intelligence that is ripped from today’s headlines.

  • 15 Tháng Tư


    Colors - In this highly stylized, graphic novelty book, die-cut pages complete one another to form different plants and animals.

  • 12 Tháng Tư

    Long Walk

    Long Walk -In this #1 national bestseller, "master storyteller" (Houston Chronicle) Stephen King, writing as Richard Bachman, tells the tale of the contestants of a grueling walking competition where there can only be one winner-the one that survives.

  • 12 Tháng Tư

    The Modern Thai House

    The Modern Thai House

  • 11 Tháng Tư

    Palace Of Treason: A Novel

    Palace Of Treason: A Novel - The thrilling sequel to Red Sparrow-CIA insider Jason Matthews’s compulsively readable New York Times bestseller and Edgar Award winner-featuring Russian spy Dominika Egorova and CIA agent Nate Nash "shimmers with authenticity