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Tháng Tư, 2017

Tháng Hai, 2017

  • 23 Tháng Hai

    Zen Gardens – Hardcover

    Zen Gardens - Hardcover - Shunmyo Masuno, Japan's leading garden designer, is at once Japan's most highly acclaimed landscape architect and an 18th-generation Zen Buddhist priest, presiding over daily ceremonies at the Kenkoji Temple in Yokohama.

  • 22 Tháng Hai

    The Japanese House

    The Japanese House

  • 9 Tháng Hai

    Balinese Gardens (Hard Cover)

    Balinese Gardens (Hard Cover) - Bali is a tropical island with beautiful landscapes, mountains, forests and orchards.

  • 3 Tháng Hai

    New Japan Architecture – Paperback

    New Japan Architecture - Paperback - The past five years are widely consider to have been the most innovative period in contemporary Japanese design history.

  • 1 Tháng Hai

    Chinese Furniture: A Guide to Collecting Antiques

    The international market for antique Chinese furniture is booming, and masterpieces from the Ming and Qing dynasties are now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Chinese Furniture is...

Tháng Một, 2017

  • 26 Tháng Một

    The New Malaysian House

    All are distinguished by a singular quality of innovative design as the architects sought to explore new approaches for designing with the climate and in the cultural context of...

  • 8 Tháng Một

    Paradise By Design – Hardcover

    Paradise By Design - Hardcover - Featuring hundreds of stunning color photographs and insightful commentary, this Asian design book showcases the art, architecture and design of the East.

  • 6 Tháng Một

    The New Indonesian House

    The New Indonesian House will both delight and inspire the application e of its exhilarating architectural expressions in any global setting.